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Adult Or Baby LSR Liquid Silicone Rubber Abdl Pacifier Holder Transparent

Adult Or Baby LSR Liquid Silicone Rubber Abdl Pacifier Holder Transparent

  • Highlight

    custom silicone rubber


    high temp silicone mold rubber

  • Ratio
  • Cure Time
    Surface 1 Hours, Post Cured 10-24 Hours
  • Appearance
    High Transparency
  • Usage
    Silicone Mold Chocolate,Microwave,ice Tray Mould
  • Material Name
    RTV2 Liquid Silcione Rubber
  • Shape
    Customized Shape
  • Item Name
    Hot Sale 8 Inch Round Shape Silicone Bake Mold
  • Sample
  • Feature
    Food Grade
  • Oem/odm
  • Place of Origin
    GuangZhou, China
  • Brand Name
    RUI - HE
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    LSR Rui-He New Material Scientific Co., Ltd
  • Packaging Details
    20kg pails OR 200Kg / drums
  • Delivery Time
    5 -15 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    1000 tons per month

Adult Or Baby LSR Liquid Silicone Rubber Abdl Pacifier Holder Transparent

wholesale adult baby silicone natural rubber abdl pacifier holder Pacifier Product transparent hot sale pacifier


RH6250 has the characteristics of high transparency, high strength, good resilience, small deformation value, yellowing resistance and aging resistance. It meets US FDZ CFR 21. Part. 177. 2600 and European EN14350-2, Section 4.9 Volatile Compound Test Standards and European ROHS and REACH Standards. The Pot-life of the mixture

of the two components (closed vessel) at 20°C is 5 days. Increased temperature reduce the pot-life.



Suitable for the production of food grade products such as baby pacifiers, baby bottles, bottle tableware, baby toys, series products, etc.

Test items Appearance Viscosity Hardness Density Resilience Tensile Strength(MPa) Elongation at break Tear strength(KN/m) Tensile set(%) Line shrinkage
Testing standard Visual inspection DIN53019 GB/T531.1 GB/T1533 533-2008 GB/T1681 1681-2009 GB/T528 GB/T528 GB/T529 GB/T528 CGB-T14235.4
Unit / Pa.s ShoreA g/cm³ % MPa % KN/m % %
RH6250-10A/B Transparent 500 10 1.07 20 1.5 750 5 4.3 2.5
RH6250-15A/B Transparent 600 15 1.08 45 3.5 850 9 3.4 2.7
RH6250-18A/B Transparent 600 18 1.08 50 5 800 12 3.4 2.5
RH6250-20A/B Transparent 800 21 1.09 50 6.5 800 15 2.6 2.4
RH6250-30A/B Transparent 1000 30 1.1 55 7 700 15 2.6 2.4
RH6250-40A/B Transparent 1200 40 1.11 55 7.5 550 25 2.6 2.5
RH6250-50A/B Transparent 1200 50 1.12 65 9 550 30 1.7 2.6
RH6250-60A/B Transparent 1500 60 1.12 60 9.5 500 35 1.7 2.6
RH6250-70A/B Transparent 2000 65 1.13 55 9.5 400 30 0.8 2.5
RH6250-71A/B Transparent 2500 70 1.13 55 9 350 25 0.8 2.5



Remarks: Vulcanization conditions:

· Vulcanization conditions: A/B is evenly mixed, 140mm*120mm*2mm mold 175°C*5min compression molding;

· Typical data are average data and actual values may vary. Typical data shall not be used as product specifications.


Packing Specification

· It is available in 20KG pails and 200KG drums



· Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight, use it within 12 months from the day of manufacture.

· Contacting compounds containing N, P, S, Sn, and Pb during storage and use may cause poisoning of the platinum catalyst and affect vulcanization.                   

Guangzhou Rui-He New Material Scientific Co., Ltd


Established in 2004, specializes in search, development, production, and distribution of environmentally-friendly silicone materials.
Our headquarters is located in Huadu district, Guangzhou, China. Our products are widely used in all kinds of industries, such as
medical, electronics, telecommunication, aeronautics, astronautics, automobile, textile, mechanics, sports and daily necessities.
Through the 15 years, we are now recognized as the famous leading silicone rubber manufacturer.
Adult Or Baby LSR Liquid Silicone Rubber Abdl Pacifier Holder Transparent 0
Packaging & Storage

Item No. Wooden board N..W G.W CBM
20kg/pail 27pic 540 650 1.2
200kg/kg 2pic 400 480 0.8

Available in 20kg pails or 200kg drums.
Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight,
use it within 12 months from the day of manufacture.
This product cannot be contacted with compounds containing N, P, S to avoid affecting the catalytic effect of platinum.
Adult Or Baby LSR Liquid Silicone Rubber Abdl Pacifier Holder Transparent 1
1) Environmental protection/non-toxicity, FDA food grade silicone
2) High viscosity, not easy to penetrate
3) Can set color (multi-layer color), do not fall off when set color, pattern is not single, can form different patterns, silicone printing trend leads the fashion field.
4) Various effects can be printed (bright or matte, round or right-angled effect, thick or thin, large or small patterns), strong stereoscopic effect, soft handle and strong adhesion.
5) High wear resistance, brightness and washability
6) Can firmly adhere to the surface of textiles, non-woven fabrics, dermis, imitation leather and other materials.
7) The effect of wool pressing is good.
8) Solve the problem of firmness of leather and waterproof fabric effectively
9) Printing gloves, clothing, paper, sports goods, etc., cold and heat resistance, skid resistance, silk-printed patterns have a strong            three-dimensional feel, and feel soft, and complement each other with textiles or leather goods; silk-printed patterns also have                excellent peeling strength, wear resistance, brightness; it also has water-proof, skid-proof, breathable, high resistance, low                      temperature. And good leveling.
10) Super elasticity, in the normal range of elasticity of the fabric does not fall off, cracking. Printing patterns do not decolor, do not re-          dye (not sublimate).
11) Good air permeability, outside water, oil and other pollutants can not enter, while the inside of the hot air can be permeable.
Why chose Rui He Silicone

1) 15 years rtv2 silicone factory


2) Return and exchange are accepted while quality problems occurred


3) Exported since 2006


4) Exports to 138 countries


5) 15 years a trustworthy company


6) 12 experts of R&D, QC staffs


7) 15.000 square meter factory


8) Free training of silicone technique


9) Free silicone samples